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Advertising is Dead. Long Live Word of Mouth.

Why our job as admen has fundamentally changed and how we can adapt Continue →

Available space for one startup in our beautiful BXL office (6p for €600)

We have one big table available for a small team (6p) in our amazing 200m2 office/loft in Saint Gilles. Continue →

Pierre de Schaetzen in De Morgen: “Call me a Word of Mouth Architect”.

Superette’s founding partner Pierre de Schaetzen was featured in Belgian newspaper De Morgen. Continue →

Driving WOM as a form of Earned Media

Last month I was invited to speak at The Cube’s conference “Earned media, the new currency?” Continue →

Looking for a Service Designer (found)

We are looking for a designer who shares our passion for design thinking. Your entrepreneurial character and experience in the (service) design field will be the third leg that we need to turn Superette’s offering into a rock-solid service. Continue →

Forget Demographics. Target Communities Instead

Don Draper makes it look so easy, doesn’t he? Sipping scotch, sleeping all day, writing a few tag-lines when he feels like it. Well, back then it really was that easy. I know, I know… … Continue →

A 14 Step Guide To Successfully Engage Existing Communities.

As I wrote in my last posts, there are many benefits to engage with existing communities compared to traditional marketing techniques which consist of sending out sales messages through mass media campaigns, hoping that some people … Continue →

5 Reasons Why Brands Should Engage With Existing Communities.

Let me take a guess: A few years ago your company decided to give social media a try to better leverage your brand community. Every now and then you spend big money doing a mainstream … Continue →

Meet Superette

We’re proud to announce that after nine months of hard labour we finally gave birth to Superette: A Brussels based agency that aims to help brands tell their story and generate Word of Mouth. Continue →