Hello Startups

Young people have ideas. Loads of them. Very good ones too. The technology needed to start developing and promoting these ideas is available to anyone and easy to use. But still, most of us get stuck in the ‘idea-stage’.

With this event, Hello bank! wanted to give young people the tools and experience to get ‘unstuck’. Therefore we gathered a team of top mentors and coaches to help participants grow their idea into a startup plan over the time of a weekend.




Guillaume Verhaeghe (Ex-CEO Djump/Djengo)
Clementina Gentile (UX Designer @ Namahn)
Kristoffer Tjalve (Innovation Consultant)

Chris De Backer (Bridee)
Koen Stevens (Bubobox)
Bert Van Wassenhove (ThinkwithPeople)
Alex Papanastassiou (Innovation Colsultant)

Leo Exter (Westartup)
Benoit Lips (Nestup/LeanFund)
Béatrice de Mahieu (Internet Attitude/Nestup)
Bryan Cassady (Founders Institute)
Michel Duchateau (Startup Weekend)
Loic Van Cutsem (Oksigen Lab)

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