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We’re proud to announce that after nine months of hard labour we finally gave birth to Superette: A Brussels based agency that aims to help brands tell their story and generate Word of Mouth.

Having all worked in different fields of marketing, we came to a shared realisation:

Huge resources are being spent on marketing in order to sell more. (No biggie so far.) But every year marketing budgets and teams are growing, while at the same time consumers are getting increasingly annoyed by an overload of disruptive corporate messaging.

Superette aims to make sense of these marketing resources by crafting marketing that matters. We believe that the only way to get people’s attention and devotion, is by providing them with something valuable and gain their trust.
We’ve learned that earning customers’ trust generates Word of Mouth. And Word of Mouth generates even more trust.

By creating meaningful content and the supporting campaigns we give people something to talk about. Something remarkable, yet simple. Something memorable.

Trustful customers become story tellers. And we are there to help brands write their story. Because stories are more engaging, more captivating, easier to remember and more likely to be shared.

No story is told better than when it involves the teller. Hence our focus on community building and collaboration: People gather around great stories. They discuss, re-write and spread them together.

So let’s write tomorrow’s great stories together, shall we?

In the coming months we’ll be launching our website and announcing our first projects. Check out our Twitter and Facebook to follow our journey.

And if you’re around Saint-Gilles come say Hi at our new offices. We always have time for coffee.

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