You Lazy Tourist

The Project

Traveling. Bringing gifts back to friends and family. No one likes it and most of us end up buying some unoriginal crap at the airport shop 30 min before our flight. Or buy questionable items at some tourist trap.

Enter You Lazy Tourist
We know people are lazy. We know it’s hard and kind of a chore to shop for souvenirs. So we’ll do it for you. We’ll prepare a box, full of nice items and goods from Brussels/Belgium, and ship it to you wherever you are. No need to worry about last minute gift shopping anymore, everything is done for you.

What’s in the box?

The box will have items that are representative of Brussels (or Belgium as a whole) but aren’t cliché. We want things that you can’t easily find anywhere else or on the Internet. Think Brasserie de la Senne instead of Stella Artois. Marcolini instead of Godiva. The Word Magazine instead of Tintin. Items are wrapped, box is closed and branded with stickers and we’re good to go.

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